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Cycling Computer

Cycling Computer

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Brand Name: Aubtec


Model Number: Bike counter

Stopwatch and Accessories: Wired Stopwatch

Function01: current speed

Function02: total mileage

Function03: single trip mileage

Function04: maximum cycling speed

Function05: average cycling speed

Function06: single travel time

Function07: CLK CLOCK

Function08: stopwatch

Function09: temperature

Function10: Trip time up or down

Function11: Trip distance up or down

Function12: Speeding reminder

Function13: maintenance reminder

Function14: mileage initial value setting

Function15: Initial value of total travel time

Function16: low battery reminder

Function17: intelligent backlight function

Function18: long bright function

Function20: Refueling reminder function

Function19: AUTO SWITCH

feature 1: bike counter


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